The Candidates

BFAST chose to make our survey questions of a Yes/No variety. Some candidates did not like either choice, but chose to make comments instead.

Choose a candidate below to see what their survey answers and full comments. Or visit this link for a comparison chart of the answers of all candidates. (You can also download it here as a PDF file. Opens in a new window or tab.)

Mayoral Candidates

Rick Goldring
Marianne Meed Ward
Mike Wallace
Greg Woodruff

City and Regional Councillor Ward 1

Jason Boelhouwer
Vince Fiorito
Kelvin Galbraith
Arlene Iantomasi
Andrew Paul Jordan
Kevin Lee
Garry Milne
Tayler Morin
René Papin
Marty Staz
Judy Worsley

City and Regional Councillor Ward 2

Kimberly Calderbank
Michael Jones
Lisa Kearns
Gerard Shkuda
Roland Tanner
Walter Wiebe

City and Regional Councillor Ward 3

Lisa Cooper
Darcy Hutzel
Rory Nisan
Peter Rusin
Gareth Williams

City and Regional Councillor Ward 4

Jack Dennison
Shawna Stolte

City and Regional Councillor Ward 5

Wendy Moraghan
Daniel Roukema
Paul Sharman
Mary Alice St. James
Xin Yi Zhang

City and Regional Councillor Ward 6

Angelo Bentivegna
Blair Lancaster
Kinsey Schurm
Ken White

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