Gareth Williams

Q1: I’m not sure what the right split is it could be more than 30% we need
to figure out what is needed by talking to current and potential transit users more
and figure out what the correct funding level is.

Q2: Qualify my answer with new development must be transit oriented ie along frequent high transit routes, well served by transit and built with transit as the
primary mode for new residents (give new residents transit pass when they take possession)

Q3: Our transit system has fallen behind and it shows; we need to make it
something people choose to use not only use because they have to.

Q4: I believe we can provide our current service standards while moving to
a frequent grid-arterial system by using new technologies and partnering with
ride-sharing or taxi companies, integrating the existing fare

Q5: This is in my platform.

Q6: As a former citizen advisory committee member and chair I see great
value in consulting with citizens from all walks of life, learning from their
experiences and using their feedback.

General comments: I have made improving transit as a way of dealing with traffic and congestion a recurring feature of my platform which can be found at

My volunteer work at the municipal level focused around making Burlington
more sustainable and transit is a big part of that. I was part of the team which
updated the City’s Principles and Objectives for Sustainable Development and
ensured transit was included in that document.

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