Rory Nisan

Q1: I would look to make up the funding gap for road work elsewhere because we need it.

Q2: We have transit needs today, with traffic getting worse and worse. So we need to invest for the future but also build public transit that works in 2018.

Q4: We need to improve current service standards but I would also like to see an appropriate investment in express buses on major roads to get people around faster.

Q5: This is an important plank of my electoral platform.

Q6: I agree more with the first statement and would like to consult with the community on the best way to get their input. I also think outside experts can be beneficial if they can show us best practices from other communities.

General Comments: More and better.

It shouldn’t take over an hour for my friend to get from CH Norton in Headon Forest to her home near the Brant Hills Community Centre. We will need to a significant investment in public transit to bring Burlington up to the average in GTA. That should be our minimum goal.

As the highway only gets busier and traffic continues to pour into our streets during rush hour, buses will be an increasingly important aspect of the transportation mix.

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